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The Sankalp Navratri

The Sankalp Navratri Utsav - AaplaDandiya is looked upon as one of the greatest festivals of the Thane city due to its magnificence, sanctity and fervour.

The SankalpNavratri Utsav - AaplaDandiya, represents worship of Goddess Durga, the deity of power, in her different forms and is famous for its vibrant celebrations. A professional and dedicated team of volunteers caters to the needs of the lakhs of devotees who seek ‘Darshan’ of the Goddess. The presence of renowned personalities adds to the euphoria and spirit of the festival. These nine days of Sankalp Navratri Utsav, truly symbolises devotion and adoration towards the divine deity.

Sankalp Pratishthan

SankalpPratishthan, the organiser of Sankalp Navratri Utsav - AaplaDandiya, organisers this event with a sole aim of bringing everyone from the classes to the masses at one place - the place abounding with piety, purity and bliss of Goddess Durga. The exquisitely carved idol of the Goddess Durga bestows wealth, wisdom and wellness on all its devotees. SankalpPratishthan organises a number of competitions, shows, garba and dandiya nights for the enthusiasts. Utmost care is taken for the safety and security of the people participating in the festival. SankalpPratishthan leaves no stone unturned to make Sankalp Navratri Utsav - AaplaDandiya, a truly grand event and a crowdpuller by all means.

Ravindra Sadanand Phatak

Ravindra Sadanand Phatak, an enthusiastic and a self-motivated leader of the masses is the man behind thegrandeur of the Sankalp Navratri Utsav - AaplaDandiya.

He is a perfectionist and inspires his entire team to make Sankalp Navratri Utsav - AaplaDandiya, the greatest of all the festivals. He is aware of his socio-cultural responsibility which he adeptly shoulders by organising such magnificent events which are an open to one and all. He pays attention to the minute details of every aspect of the Sankalp Navratri Utsav - AaplaDandiya, to ensure that this festive season spreads boundless devotion, joy and vigour amongst the people.

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